Best of the Structural Plastics Conferences 1974-2002

A selection of technical papers and applications from the Society of the Plastics Industries’ annual technical conferences 1974-2002. Over this thirty year period, the annual conference generated 727 white papers and displayed thousand of new applications.

Here are some samples of the best of the best. We start with several design oriented papers:

Structural Foam Design Methodology


Design - A Processing View - Part II


A Strategy for the Design of Gas Assisted Injection Molded Parts


Assessing the Stiffness of Gas-Assisted Thermoplastic Parts


Predicting Creep in Structural Foam Parts


Computer-Aided Design and Analysis Procedures for Structural Foam Components


Consideration of Time-Dependent and Anisotropic Properties in Structural Foam Design


Dimensional Repeatability Case Study of Four Molding Processes


Weldline Integrity in Foamed Polyphenylene Ether Alloys
Solid vs Gas vs Foam - Who has the Best Ribs in Town - Part Deux


The following are process technology presentations. The first one is authored by Dick Angel, inventor and patent holder for the structural foam process (Union Carbide):

Smooth Surface Structural Foam


Technology Advancements in Counterpressure Structural Foam Processing


Some examples of winning applications in the conference’s Design Competition:

1984 Winners:

Structural Foam New Product Design Competition Awards

1986 Winners:

Structural Foam New Product Design Competition Awards