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Steve Ham Plastics

Product Design and Process Technologist

Counterpressure Structural Foam is a variation of the structural foam process.  The purpose is to control the pressure drop at the leading edge that occurs during resin injection.  Normally the pressure drop allows the blowing agent to expand during mold filling causing a visual defect called "swirl".

 Cross section through the mold during resin injectionCross section through the mold during resin injection



The Counterpressure in the mold cavity controls blowing agent expansion at the leading edge of the flow front. Nitrogen gas pre-pressurizes the mold cavity prior to plastic injection. Controlled venting and a pressure tight mold are essential elements of the process.


Counterpressure actually works well with EGM. Counterpressure is a valuable tool employed during the mold filling phase of the injection molding process. EGM uses the same mold sealing techniques and kicks during the packing or resin shrinkage phase.

East SideEast Side

The cantilever design by Jim Fox is all about maximizing the view of Whiteside Mountain from every room in the house.

Whiteside Mountain ViewWhiteside Mountain View


The center piece of the great room is a massive rock fireplace which carries the cantilever design elements.



The KiteHouse resembles a kite flying in the ridge top breeze.


Life on top the ridge. At 4,500 feet, it's always cool and breezy.

South Facing DecksSouth Facing Decks